Next thing you know I’ll be pruning the iceberg roses

Okay, I might be home on Saturday night babysitting duties with nothing better to do than dust the peace lily and try not to open the scorched almonds which I bought for someone else without buying anything for myself, but all the same and nonetheless, I’m not going to watch Parkinson.

0 thoughts on “Next thing you know I’ll be pruning the iceberg roses”

  1. Sincerely hoping the entry for the 20th has nothing to do with your birthday – and that you nonetheless did not succumb to Parkinson. And hearty congratulations for being so bloody YOUNG, you lucky thing 🙂

  2. whoops, I clicked on the tag, you’ve been 38 for a while. However, that’s still very fresh and young, by my reckoning.
    Now I’ll run away with a red face.

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