new handkerchiefs

new handkerchiefs
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I understand that this house is not on the cutting edge. But is this wonton display of dagginess really necessary?

At least they’re not embroidered with your initial. I suppose. And it solves all our birthday present dilemmas. I suppose. There’s a box of tissues over by the fridge.

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  1. Ah but the hankies are good for when you’re out somewhere and you get an attack of hayfever or watery-tartness and you realise you’ve forgotten the tissues and then he produces his hanky from his pocket (because he always has a hanky in his pocket, because he is that sort of man) and so you are saved from the indignity of having to wipe your nose on something entirely unsuitable, like your sleeve. Or is that just me?

  2. I bought two packs of hankies (a total of 6) yesterday for our trip. I was so excited about it too… I know that this makes me a dag, but I just hate running out of hankies.

  3. Spelling is very important – it can change the whole meaning, folks!

    Exhibit A, a graffiti on a friend’s toilet wall:

    WE ARE

    Well, why don’t you put the lid back in the steamer, boys?!

    (I knew you did it on purpose, Thirdcat)

  4. Now, Drew, that is very interesting, because the owner of these handkerchiefs insists that all men have them, because they don\’t have handbags to carry their tissues in.

    Laura, these are from Harris Scarfe, and I don\’t think their hankies will ever change.

  5. Here I go boasting again, but hand embroidered initials on Mens hankies go down a treat for birthdays. It must be something to do with their grannies and being lady-like but when in doubt that’s what I give.

    I used to iron the ex’s until I caught him shaking one out of its nice folds and then screwing it up to put in his pocket. Never ironed another!

    My father loved pure white Stoffels brand, no borders and no colours.

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