Making a difference one day at a time

You know that eight things meme? The one where you have to tell the interwebs eight things about yourself?

Well, I’m not doing that. But I’ve been overcome with the urge to let you know that I really used to love Knot’s Landing. I feel it is the most underrated of all the eighties soaps. It was heeeaaaps better than Dallas ever was. Especially when it was on at eleven o’clock on Sunday night and I had nothing to get up for on Monday morning except Chinese lectures and I’d already missed so many of those that missing another one wouldn’t hurt. I got a lot of knitting done in those days. And no, knitting wasn’t funky then.

Did I ever tell you that my first trip overseas was to China? From Port Pirie to China via Adelaide. The person in charge of us introduced us to some people who did the dubbing of television shows and that’s how I came to meet the woman who was the Chinese voice of Alexis Carrington-Colby. And that was good. But I would have preferred to meet the voice of Valene. Me and my mum used to say ‘va’alene’ a lot and then roll on the floor in fits of laughter. Sometimes we discussed politics and that, but it was more fun to say va’alene.

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  1. I used to love Knot’s Landing and I suppose I used to watch it on a Sunday night too, or earlier than that when it was more popular. I can’t remember now, but I did love it. My next favourite one was that one with Heather Locklear – what the heck was it called (ah, Melrose Place). That was the 90s soap anyway.
    Now it’s Desperate Housewives.

  2. So you are familiar with Port Pirie, ey? I ran away from there 30 years ago; China must have been an eye-opener for you. Whenever I went back to Pirie to visit my Mum the place would drive me insane all over again. Mum would pat my hand and say consolingly, ‘Things change dear, you can’t expect them to stay the same…’ And I would have to explain that it hadn’t changed a BIT and that was the problem!

    There again, you may have loved the place….If so, ooops!

  3. Hello Keryn! Though not, I suspect, the Kerryn I used to sit next to sometimes in General Studies 1?

    I do love it, but I’m not at all upset that others don’t.

    Melrose Place was brilliant, wasn’t it? I’m not really in love with DH. I hate being one of those ‘I liked their early stuff’, but I almost really enjoyed the first series, didn’t watch much at all last year, and now I watch it if I’m sitting in front of the tele at the right time. I’d like more of the housewives and less of the desperate I think.

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