Liveblogging the South Australian election

I intended to follow up my original liveblog of the 2006 South Australian election with a liveblog of this year’s election. But then, thanks to twitter I have discovered that Amber Petty is running the live blog on The Advertiser adelaidenow website.


I am too depressed to speak. Here in Abu Dhabi, I’m listening to the 891 livestream, but apparently they’ll be having Alexander Downer on soon, so I’ll have to turn it off.

0 thoughts on “Liveblogging the South Australian election”

  1. I mis-read the title of this post in my feed as “liverblogging”. Perhaps that’s predictable given the gin-fuelled 3rd birthday I attended this afternoon.

  2. Third birthdays are not what they were when I was attending them, it seems 🙂

    Sorry, TC, that you can’t escape the oleaginous Downer even in AD.

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