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  1. to do a star jump, stand with your legs together then jump them apart at the same time you lift your arms in the air (to shoulder height if you’re warming up, to touch above your head if you’re keen), then jump your legs back together again at the same you drop your arms. Repeat.

    Yes, Zoe, I do look great for 50. Did I get the unicycle? No. They didn’t have them in my size. Apparently. Also, they cost over $200 each. Per one. That’s the cheap one. Apparently. Kangaroo Island is a present in itself, Ariel, and on my birthday we walked the length of a most beautiful bay.

    Did it work? The star jumps? Well, they had a lot of work to do given that I drank a bottle of wine each night we were there. And I still have varicose veins. Aquarians of my particular time are known to ‘suffer’ from circulation issues, particularly of the legs and ankles. Again, apparently.

  2. Sorry to hear about the absence of unicycle. I have one you could borrow if you like.(Sorry, not very practical I know, perhaps someone closer has one?) I tried to learn to ride it a long time ago, and have never succeeded, and since having the child I’ve lost my nerve even more…

  3. ah. your star jump is my jumping jack. i think i like star jump better.

    does this mean circulation issues are in store for me? because tomorrow is my birthday. i shall try some star jumps.

  4. MummyCrit I have heard tell that it is indeed extremely difficult…but I have been given a few hints.

    Hey killowathour! Happy birthday. Not sure what your own particular issues might be – all advice given here is of a general nature. And that certainly applies to matters astrological. But circulation (esp of ankles) is always listed in my health issues.

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