0 thoughts on “It’s worse when it’s not yet on the toast”

  1. What an incredibly clean floor you have.

    Except for the butter, of course.
    I would never dare take a close up photo of that particular part of our house.

  2. Like me, my floors look better in photos than they do in real life.

    Also, when things are dropped on them (as they very often are), they make a dreadful sound which sends echoes through my head.

  3. obviously you have a lot of empathy, and are seeing it from my eyes as I contemplated cleaning it up

    but yes, the fridge is small – barely holds a week’s worth of apples

  4. Maybe if it hadn’t been on the bench for half an hour on a hot day and spread in such a dramatic way. But, because of it, the floor is now so clean that we could have a three minute rule.

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