It’s not lunchtime yet, there’s still time

‘So,’ the mister says at 10.30 after I have been to the gym and we have enjoyed the first of the weekend’s computer phone calls, ‘what are your plans for today?’

‘Well,’ I say in a slightly more civil voice than I have employed as I have guided him through the use of the computer phone call technology, ‘if past weekends are anything to go by, I shall fritter the day away on the internet, until such time as I can whinge about having frittered the day away on the internet, at which point I shall begin to whinge.’

‘Yes,’ he says.

I do believe that if I were in the hands of a life coach right now there would be something about this being a critical moment when those who dream become those who achieve. There would be a question I could ask myself, a cognitive shift I could make, a dream book I could refer to. As it is, I will go and have a shower (I did get to my Friday morning circuit class this morning) and then I will make a coffee and a piece of toast, and then I will, I really will go and have a look at that short story I was once enjoying writing.

0 thoughts on “It’s not lunchtime yet, there’s still time”

  1. I’m glad you fritter away your life on the internet. I am constantly reading about the masses of activity that other people blog about, while all I do is read about it whilst frittering my life away on the internet.

    Between you and me – I think they’re all freaks.

  2. Do you ever suspect they are actually making it all up and are really frittering away their lives on the internet? Or living on past glories?

  3. I am frittering away my life on the internet, and also reading books I don’t care about. I think I mght be in hell.

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