Isn’t that smell lovely?

It is raining to the point that I might have to shut the window in my garrett.

This, in case you do not live in a city which is so dry that you must pump the washing machine water onto your front lawn, is brilliant.

If you need me, I’m in the backyard. Willing the rain to keep going, because there’s a chance that it will not.

UPDATE: It did not. As you were. With the buckets in the shower.

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  1. Silly me got my washing back inside because I thought there might be a few more drops. It’s now hanging up outside and nearly dry!

  2. Mmm, we had rain today too. I considered bringing the washing in, but then thought, nah, it’s only a tease… It was. Washing machine water is keeping the best bit of the garden barely alive. Lawn is now dustbowl.

  3. Some big fat drops when we were out at the airport today, but when we got home, and I rushed to get the washing off the line, it was all dry, dry, dry. I hung some more out this evening, even my one and only vaguely casual, vaguely good enough to wear to work, jacket, because I would be just oh so delighted if it was sodden tomorrow morning.

  4. I have a scar on my face from where, loaded with two buckets from the shower, I slipped on my way out the back door and smashed my head on the door frame.

    I bought a bilge pump after that, and had baths instead. All of it went straight onto the garden.
    I have two showers a week these days. Pretty disgusting, huh.
    I figure a swim in the sea is a wash.

    Hope more drops come soon.

    (wow, my comment is longer than the post)

  5. I cleaned all of my windows yesterday.

    As a result we had thunderstorms and heavy rain which undid all my good work.

    I could come to Adelaide and clean windows there, if that would help.

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