Is it safe to put up bat houses?

Statistically, it’s safer than owning a dog or planting flowers. Flowers attract bees whose stings account for far more human fatality than bats. Just banning bicycles or swimming pools would be hundreds of times more effective in saving lives, but how safe do we really want to be?

Quote from here an excellent website about bats which are messy if they roost in your house and your ceiling isn’t properly sealed, but beautiful especially if you see them in the morning when you are not trying to sleep. And things are never quite as spooky when the sun is out.

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  1. Last summer we had a bat roosting inside the house, as we sleep with the doors open on hot nights. Bats* eat their body weight in insects each day, which is a very attractive characteristic in semi-tropical summers.
    *Not fruit bats obviously

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