Is it me? Do I smell?

Last night, I realised that it has now been several weeks (at least) since I sent ‘be my friend’ messages to the three or four people on facebook who share my name.

And not one of them seems to have accepted!

Why on earth not? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Obviously, I have misunderstood this social networking getup.

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  1. My daughter keeps getting emails for someone with the same name who’s a college freshman (freshwoman?) in the US.
    I found her on FB the other day; still wondering if I should say anything.

    (In case you were wondering, my daughters are 5 and 3 but when they were born I signed them up for gmail addresses before college freshmen in the US took all the good usernames. I’ll keep monitoring their accounts at least until they can write.)

  2. I’ll admit to ignoring a friend request from someone who had the same surname as me. I’m not sure why. Weird family things maybe. Not that I think we were related, except perhaps distantly. I’m a bit conservative with the Facebook friend making. Who knows what will happen if the whole world becomes privy to my affection for a virtual pet panda… Oops!

  3. I forced my daughter to open an account so she could be my friend and I would look really popular.

    That is THE most tragic thing!!!!

    I’m going to look for you now too. 😀

  4. hmmm I was sent an invitation once and the friend said we’d ‘hooked up’… unfortunately in facebook language of course that means ‘had sex with’… which is why I didn’t accept.


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