International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: White Ribbon Day


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From the Australian White Ribbon Day website

Did you know Australian research has shown that:

  • more than 1 million Australian women have experienced violence during a relationship;
  • 600,000 of these women have said they lived in fear during the relationship;
  • 20% of women who have experienced violence were pregnant when violence first occurred?

Did you know that thousands of men in Australia will wear a White Ribbon on November 25 this year to encourage all men to condemn violence against women?

Did you know that these men will be taking part in an international network of men, working in partnership with women, to end men’s violence against women.?

White Ribbons are worn on November 25 by men in countries and cultures across the world because violence against women is men’s problem. The White Ribbon Campaign is the first mass campaign by men against violence in the world.

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