I’m really winning this one

Things with which children who are being raised in a house where we don’t have guns and we don’t like killing will chase and beat each other:

Agapanthus stalks gathered on the walk back and forth from the bus. Indesctructible, no?

Yoga mat.

Knee-high East African fertility doll. Quite heavy and extremely noisy when it hits the ground.

Rolled up, poster-sized, laminated copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

0 thoughts on “I’m really winning this one”

  1. I refused to let the boys have guns but after a street duel involving four houses and several hoses, I had to give in for water pistols. I am going back to the days when we actually had rain in the weather pattern.

  2. I know, the water pistols is almost a different thing. But they’re even more weapons-ish these days. Still, as you pointn out, it’s a dry argument these days.

    How often does the fertility doll hit the ground? Heh.

  3. Yeah, I hardly notice the toast gun anymore. Mortified the first time I saw it, but now. Meh. At least while they’re eating breakfast I’m not trying to get them to put their bloody shoes on.

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