I think I’ll have a glass of (very good) wine

Knowing the fragility of it all can wake you at 3 in the morning and leave you shivering for hours.

But equally, it can have you eating your tea, just your Dad and you, and noticing that when he speaks he holds his right arm across his stomach while you hold your left. And the next meal you share with someone is lunch across the table from your littlest boy, and isn’t it something, the way he speaks and the curl of his hair and the way he holds his fork, and for the whole of his sausage roll and all of your lentil pie, you really don’t care whether you’ll never have a career.

That’s what I was thinking at lunchtime today.

And then I had this afternoon and it brought amazing news.

And such are the extremes of the highs and lows in my life right now, I can’t tell whether the universe is conspiring for or against me and the people I love.

Or maybe luck just isn’t personal. And the deals that you make when you’re shivering are just deals that you make with yourself.

0 thoughts on “I think I’ll have a glass of (very good) wine”

  1. I tend to think good luck or fortune is just ‘around’.
    If some splatters you, then you are lucky.
    Not meaning to detract from talent or hard work…

  2. Damn you writerers and your cliff-hangers. I, too, hope the news was of the fabulous sort.

    I think the universe always conspires for you – except when you don’t pay attention to it, then it becomes rather cross (however that could be a couple of glasses of wine talking).

  3. That sounds intriguing! And how nice to find another Adelaide blogger (we are few and far between it seems!) Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂 I would love the name of your acupuncturist… (I can’t seem to find your email address so I though I’d leave a message here!)

  4. I’m glad to hear it’s worth not having a career…although maybe the good news has blown that brief moment of clarity out the window?

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