Household ratios and relativities

In the house where I live the current adult to teenager ratio is 1:2.

The human to animal ratio is 1:1.

You will not be surprised to learn that there is some friction where these ratios intersect with the human to cat litter tray ratio which is 3:2.

Everyone is taking their turn and everything (cleaning the cat litter tray, not using it, before whichever smartarse gets in first with that one), but all the same and nonetheless adult humans and teenage humans have different standards when it comes to such matters. Particularly when – as as the case in this house – the adult human spends more time in the house than the teenage humans.

On an unrelated note, I went to the hairdresser today. When she asked me what we were going to do today I said that I was thinking maybe, I wasn’t sure, but if she thought it was okay maybe we could try a bit of red. She was thrilled. She’s a wonderful hairdresser and she doesn’t let you do dramatic stuff if she thinks it will make you burst into tears at the the end. So when she said yes I felt that I was in safe hands.

I did miscommunicate though, and where I thought we would be adding some red foils in the way we have been adding some blonde foils we instead made my whole hair red.

I have had red hair in the past a great number of times, but it has been some years since the last time. Seeing your red hair revealed is far more dramatic than seeing a few blonde foils. It is extremely red. Not a coppery red, a warmer more brunette red than that. But red. Do you see that green in the photograph at the top up there? If that green were red then that would be the colour of my hair.

That grass is not real grass which I think is what gives that green and my red their equivalence.

The problem with red is that just when you get used to it and think, I’m just going to find myself a mirror so that I can admire my fabulous red hair, it has faded and you are left wondering why you spent all that time and money at the hairdresser’s. But then you remember the massage they gave you when they were rinsing your hair and you think that it’s worth it.

Do you know how I know that my hair is dramatically red? Both of the teenage humans noticed that I had done something to my hair.

I would like to have got more done today, but in between being the adult in that series of ratios described above and watching my hair change colour I didn’t have much time left. I did do some fossicking on the ikea website because nearly a year after moving into this house the ratio of things that need to be put in cupboards to cupboards where things could be put remains more out of whack than the ratio of adult humans to cat litter trays.

I’m not at all sure what I learnt from today.

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