Grumpy no more

ThirdCat tried to beta herself and it really didn’t work.

You will find her in a slight pickle, but much less of a grump over here.

This blog will stay for a while, but wordpress can’t import beta blogger yet.

A piece of advice which you can take or leave as you will: don’t jump to beta just yet, however seductive the labels might be.

0 thoughts on “Grumpy no more”

  1. will i still get the pop up meesage ttelling me about some sort og scrtpit rinning on heer over there?

    what. the. fuck.

    look at my typing/spelling. all i was trying to do was take a sip of my cup of tea at the same time as typing, but oh no. apparently my hand/eye/brain/mouth skills arent up to that yet

  2. Heh, thanks for the warning. Have been tempted to move over to the beta but just wasn’t sure.

    I’ll update your link on my blog now 🙂

  3. Snap.

    I’d been meaning to organise things a bit better and the beta thing prompted me to start renovations.

    It’s all turned to crap though, so I’m in the process of moving to WP-ready space. See you on the other side

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