good news

my purse is found…intact…it seems to have been on an odd journey, but anyway, it’s found

And, I must add, it’s true that the sentimental bits and pieces were the most important, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have that piece of paper with the most adorable letter E you ever did see, but losing all that money did make me feel sick in my stomach too. I think perhaps because I had only just been to the ATM, and hadn’t bought a single piece of the week’s shopping or the petrol or the lollies or any of the many, many things two hundred dollars can buy.

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  1. yes, that’s why I could not understand what had happened…and wandered back and forth and back and forth and back and forth again…anyhoo, nothing lost but a couple of hours

  2. I lost my wallet on Grand Final day but I took the precaution of being in debt up to the proverbial eyeballs, thereby precluding any chance that I would have any cash in it to steal.

    And it was handed in.
    And I feel like such a heel that I haven’t called the guy yet to thank him.

  3. thanks all – you could still ring him drew. Or send him a Christmas card. With a bag of scorched almonds. As long as he’s not allergic to almonds of course.

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