From my window I no longer see cranes

Tied like that, the curtains remind me of the even ponytails I never quite had, because I was the only girl at school whose mother never did her hair.

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  1. I’m shaping up to be the mother who never does her girls’ hair, but mostly because they are getting very insistent about doing it themselves. It’s taking a lot of restraint on my part to let them go off to school looking like something the cat dragged in. I can feel the Burnside mums looking at me in that special way.

  2. hahah, I too had the birdsnest. In fact, I still do.

    (One time the birdnest became SO big My hair needed shearing from waist-length to ear-length.

  3. i never had an even pony tail either. the wrong kind of hair. the kind of hair which, incidentally, behaves itself much better when you don’t brush it at all, a fact i did not discover til i was 19.

    last time it got a little bit long i had it in a pony tail but m said a sheep’s tail would be a more accurate description…

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