Friday night and it’s getting chilly now

‘You’d be amazed at how just twenty minutes housework would get you warm,’ Adelaide said.

‘Did you read that somewhere?’ the mister asked.

He was not, Adelaide thought for not the first time, the polite man she had married.

‘It’s also a good way to get the incidental exercise you need if you truly are going to stop yourself pudding on the pounds,’ she said scratching at eyebrows which had never, not once, ever been plucked.

‘I think I’ll put the heater on,’ he said.

‘Good idea,’ she said and reached for the cross-stich at which she was proving to be not very good.

And they sat in what was, for now, a messy, but warm, room and lamented the fact that Spooks had finished last week.

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  1. I married mine when he wasn’t polite – he once offered to buy me a pair of cargos I was eyeing off in the size that was a teeny bit too small. ‘You can diet to fit into it.’ (He didn’t repeat THAT mistake!)

    From my own (SO) messy room – just noticed the LP for Mexico on the Library Thing. Are you still investigating another trip? Must recommend – apropos of nothing – an absolutely amazing book on Mexico if you are going back. ‘The Life and Times of Mexico’ by Earl Shorris. A beautifully written narrative history that blends reportage, history, politics and sociological writing. If you have the time and/or inclination for 7600 pages …

  2. Mate, sorry to say this, but things are sounding positively middle-aged.

    Re: Spooks: I think that Adam is possibly resurrectible for another series but not Gordon Jackson or whoever that actor is. But it wasn’t as disturbing as when Tom got knocked off.

  3. Yes, I know, elsewhere. That’s why I’m glad they don’t have Parkinson on Friday nights.

    The ending was okay, I thought, tho I wasn’t convinced about why they let her go. And I agree re Tom. There was a much bigger buildup and sense of growing doom…I still have flashes of him walking off into the sea. Plus, I was a tiny bit lustful for Tom, so I was much more upset when he was gone.

  4. Any thoughts on Spooks replacement, The Ghost Squad? Certainly doesn’t do the music and editing as slickly as Spooks–I love the music–but quite like the premise and the actress. I think she and Parker Posey were separated at birth.

  5. I found the Ghost Squad a tad tiresome. I got bored and started doing something else at the same time. I didn’t think that actress could carry the story — I thought the storyline should have been broken up more rather than so dependent on one character.

    No, Adam had nothing on Tom — too static. Matthew McFadyen was a much more empathetic and interesting lead.

  6. I was going to say ‘oh, did I sound cross?’, but then I realised what you were referring to. Golly gosh, it may have been anything – cleaning the cat litter tray, farting about with photos, checking blogs…

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