Friday morning

My dad used to like saying, ‘A wise old man once told me you can bet on the horses, but never bet on the way people will vote’.

So, although I’ve got a feeling in my bones and in my waters, I’m holding my cards close to my chest, and also sticking my head in the sand.

In the meantime, the mister is on the banks of the Limpopo River where I am sure it is not all powerpoints and spreadsheets. Another place he would never have guessed he was going to be.

We’ve got more clarity about our Abu Dhabi exit strategy now which has involved no small amount of angst and over-thinking. Well, the mister’s departure date is clear, although, because of reasons, I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be leaving Abu Dhabi for good. I’m still in Adelaide, and the mister tells me that he is telling people, ‘I won’t be surprised if tracy doesn’t come back to Abu Dhabi at all.’ Just in case I don’t. Which I will, but I can see why he might think that I won’t.