Friday morning (an hour in my life)

What’s a priest? What’s sin? Can I have a bandaid? Can I have a playdate with Oscar? Can I have a playdate that turns into a sleepover with Oscar? Have you remembered to put band-aids on the list? What am I going to be doing while he is at the birthday party, I don’t have to do jobs, do I? Have you got a pencil sharpener? Have you got a pencil sharpener that isn’t broken? Is this paragraph opinion or fact? But if Ned Kelly just went around shooting people what good things did he do? If I buy that book of poetry can I have the other Big Nate book as well? Why do you like coffee? When I’m an adult do you think I will drink wine or beer? Can I have another playdate with Oscar? What movie are we having for movie night? What’s intimidating? What’s retrospective? Are you on facebook? Are you playing wordtwist again? If we lived on Kangaroo Island could nuclear power reach us? Could we get drowned by a tsunami? Can I go on mathletics now? Now? Now? Well, when can I go on it? Don’t you think you should go and get dressed now, it’s already nine o’clock? Why can’t we go out and play football now, we’ve finished our homework? What happens if the lava in the lava lamp does spill? But what if it does? Where does the measuring cup go? What happens if you drink rotten milk? Who invented wars? Which dinosaur came first t-rex or stegosaurus? Do you want to play Cluedo? What’s trivia? If we had a fire now, do you think we should escape through the front door or the back? Have we got any carrots left? Can I go and pick some cherry tomatoes? Can you read us another chapter of Holes? Can we have one more? One more? Just one more? Pleeeease? What’s 65 times 16? What’s a mortgage deed? Why did Ned Kelly burn the mortgage deeds? Is Julia Gillard still our Prime Minister? Can actors get married in real life? What about if they have to kiss someone else in their movies? But why do you like EastEnders when it’s just a bunch of people having arguments?

‘Mum can you come here?’ I went, because that’s the kind of mother I try to be. ‘Look,’ he said pointing at the Jenga blocks he had arranged in an apparently random fashion on the loungeroom floor. ‘It’s called the Mom Mall. You’re the only one allowed in it, and it’s totally silent.’

I do love that kid.

16 thoughts on “Friday morning (an hour in my life)”

  1. I hope you are writing in real life atm. Because it seems to me I can see (read) that writing mojo coming back…

    1. oh god, the ‘mum, which would you prefer a… or a…’ which would you rather, would you choose, which is worse…

      that game is, apparently, endless.

      1. I can vouch for the endlessness, Isabella still asks “would you rather be eaten by a lion or eaten by ants?” and she is 17.
        I have learned to pretend I didn’t hear the question.

  2. For all the noise and questions, sounds like he’s got his little head screwed on right.

    Mine from Sapph at age six – ‘Where do sesame seeds come from?”

    1. yes, except he only asks half as many questions as his brother. Srsly, some days I think my head is going to explode. Where do sesame seeds come from?

  3. goodness is it hard knowing when to switch on and when it is ok to switch off and clear your head

    1. I confess my dismay was exaggerated for comic effect 😉 I didn’t really have any trouble answering.

      I’m actually very pleased that she’s willing to ask me such stuff – I would NEVER have raised a topic like that with my mum!

      1. Same here! This particular discussion was thanks to my daughter’s friend having an older sister – apparently the year 10 girls had a magazine at school…

      2. Yes, for all that the questions make my head hurt, I will be very sad the first time I discover there was something they didn’t feel they could ask.

        The complexity of the questions is most definitely linked to the friends of the time and their level of worldly wisdom (or otherwise)

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