First Day

Adelaide stood at the gate and waved goodbye. Her child was happy, but Adelaide was sad in the depths of her soul.

And she was sorry that her little boy’s shorts were too loose and slipped down to his knees everytime he bounced (which was often). She should have checked them yesterday. And she was sorry that he looked like a bit of a dork with his name written on the front of his hat, because she had only remembered to write it on when they were running out the front door.

She was sorry and he was happy and she was sad.

0 thoughts on “First Day”

  1. can i just say that the word verification for my last comment was quite possibly the hardest one i’ve ever had to type.

    you may now return to your lives

  2. awwww thats such a sweet entry. I cried my first day too.. and maybe the following week…

    Now in Year 5, I’m happy that she walks off, with a kiss, and runs to meet her giggling girlfriends without a tear.

    it gets easier..

    one year, you’ll find yourself rejoicing, and visiting Office Work for back to school stationery, with a relieved look on your face.


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