Evening meal

Having reached a significant milestone by working freaking hard at it for three full days – and one of them a public holiday – Adelaide opened a bottle of wine before she started the tea.

One glass later, she thought they might have pizza tonight.

She took another gulp of the red, then waved – not unkindly but without nostalgia – at the woman who had believed that every meal she fed her children should be a nutritionally balanced one.

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  1. Oh come on, pizza is nutritionally balanced. The tomato! The cheese!

    I know a mother who swears that chips + sauce = two veg.

    Red wine is also very good for the health.

  2. Not to mention the capsicum (antioxidants, whatever they might be), mushrooms (b12)…but you should have seen me four years ago. So bloody serious. I mixed blackstrap molasses in with the scrambled eggs to give my boy an iron boost (we’re semi-serious vegetarians). He refused to eat it, because – he said – eggs aren’t black.

    Others in this household agreed.

    Hey, cool word verification: xthbum

  3. That’s classic. I know what you mean.

    You have a wonderful way of distilling big concepts into a few sentances. If I’d written about that, it would have taken me two pages, and even then I don’t know if I would have made the point as clear as you do.

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