Enough already

In Adelaide, the crepe myrtle is the iceberg rose of the future which is not quite the agapanthas of the past.

They almost make me happy for jacarandas.

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  1. I’ve only just found out about crepe myrtles because my mum confessed a liking for them. Now I see them everywhere.

    I love jacarandas because of my purple thing. My kids point them out for me now. Jackawanda!!

  2. Yes, for about two weeks per year jackawandas are gorgeous. Except the one in our backyard which turns it into a bee hunting ground. And the rest of the year, they are kind of scraggly. Not that I can talk. I have about two good days, and the rest of the time am scraggly…erm…this is getting weird now…

  3. The crepe myrtles were magnificent this summer in Melbourne. I’ve been meaning to write that in a post for the last two months.

    Now I don’t have to.

  4. For some reason, I really dislike crepe myrtles. They depress me. Their limbs are very creepy.

    On the other hand, I love both jacaranda and agapanthus.
    There is a street not too far away which becomes a tunnel of purple, because of the jacarandas when they blossom. In Kirribilli.
    It’s breathtaking.

  5. Six weeks after Mr Soup and I met, we bought an old car and drove around Australia (I know! Weren’t we young and adventurous?!)

    We followed the purple of the jacarandas down the east coast as they flowered: October in Queensland, November in Sydney and finally home to Melbourne just as they were opening their buds in December. Many years later we visited Tasmania in January (with three children) and I was delighted to find January is Jacaranda season in Tassie. Makes one also realise how enormous our continent is, when blooms differ by a whole month as you go further south.

    Rambling, memories, sigh … I think I need to plant a jacaranda now.

    (I love how your posts are so succinct, yet inspire such long wordy comments from your [devoted] readers).

  6. It was in a volkswagen, if I remember rightly, Suse.

    Crepe myrtles are the trees with the pink blossoms, yes? They’re all over the place here. Such a bumper season, I actually noticed them for the first time.

    Nostalgic things, I’d put them in the same category as the hydrange (which I love).

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