End of year picnic

Christmas has become an over-commercialised construct which places undue economic and social pressures on people who could really do without it;

And fully recognising that:
Father Christmas has been totally appropriated for aforesaid commercialisation;

And not withstanding:
That children get way too many lollies at this time of the year;

And also acknowledging:
that our primary schools should not be culturally isolating by introducing potentially inappropriate cultural symbols;

I nonetheless need to tell you that watching an entire school (admittedly a small school) of children run (arms and legs akimbo, hats flying to the ground) from one end of Marshmallow Park to the other in order to greet aforesaid commercial construct carrying sugar bounties is worth it’s weight. In myrrh.

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  1. I haven’t got avent calendars. My tree isn’t even out of the shed yet. I have not bought ridiculous amounts of crap to wrap and ‘present’ to people. I might be boycotting the whole thing, if it weren’t for the anticipated delight that Peanut’s eyes will light up with when she opens her first ever Xmas present of a talking Upsy Daisy Dolly…

  2. Yeah, I hear ya. Me own heart was bursting with pride as young Sapphire recited her one line during their school play and I struggled not to try.

    Despite not having done any Christmas shopping or decorating the house (not while it’s still up for f**king sale and needs to look ‘spacious’), I’m kinda looking forward to the whole catastrophe. Especially now that I’ve been to Liquorland and got the champers, Bombay Sapphire, Baileys and rose organised.

  3. Are you talking carols in the park, TC? Pardner took kids tonight as I had stuff to do, unfortunately. I must ask him if Santa managed to get the local fire truck. If there’s nothing fire-y going on he gets to cruise in on top of the truck, ringing a bell.

    That’s just one kid, now, teenager was scornfully at home; I thought kid might say he was too old, but obviously not just yet!

  4. The only moment that my stony heart softens is when Santa cruises in on his surfboat with a ton of iceblocks, and hundreds of beach-ball-headed nippers flock him on the shore when he pulls in.

    But that may be the only moment, mind.

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