Eleventh hour

I am doing a reading tomorrow night, and now I must concede that it will have to be something I’ve already read before.

I have had plenty of notice, and I really wanted to write something new, but what with one thing and another I’ve barely had a chance to clean my teeth, let alone write the piece I wanted to write.

I only know that it is about the rhythm the dishwasher stole.

0 thoughts on “Eleventh hour”

  1. You ARE busy these days. Good on you for putting yourself out there like that – and glad it’s paying off for you. Expecting to hear about your publishing deal any day now …

  2. And I forgot to say, welcome home Ariel. Trust you’re not too lagged. What happened after the pyramids?

    I don’t see any publishing deals in my future. Unless you count the one I have with myself which you are currently reading.

  3. Thanks! No, not too bad, apart from being physically unable to stay awake past 8.30pm and odd waking at 6am. Which can be handled.

    Lots happened after the pyramids actually … including an anti-Bush protest and New York. I have one post written in a notebook (plus notes for more) but was hindered by lack of net access and time to write. Now I’m just buggered.

    Don’t be so sure re. the deals. I reckon one day I shall be attending your book launch.

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