No one ever achieved greatness sitting their kid in front of the CD player.

Silence from the child (or as close to it as you can expect from a three year old), but you try concentrating with they might be giants, bananas in pyjamas, or dinosaur tales in the background. Even quality stories and tunes burrow themselves into your brain and leave no room for original, or even lucid, thought.

‘Come on, let’s go for a walk,’ she said. At least she could exercise her body if not her brain.

‘I’m listening to my CDs,’ he said with that particular tone in his voice.

May as well fold the clothes then, she thought.

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  1. Youch! This one smarts just a wee bit, Kitty.

    When I spoke to Britney Spears a couple of years after her secondary schooling, she told me about her Momma and Poppa’s affinity for Martika, albeit on vinyl. If one ignores her lack of acting prowess, it’s fair to say that she turned out just fine.

    I’ve never heard anyone cast such ominous shadows over They Might Be Giants. In fact, their album Flood is ideally suited for raising a child destined to be gifted in psychology, mathematics, Middle-Eastern philosophy or juggling.

    I went with juggling initially then changed my degree to journalism. And a fat fucking load of good that did me, ai?

    When all else fails, I guess you could throw on A Current Affair or Fox News.


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