Eight pm

There’s really nothing on television, we’ve got no DVDs (though have you re-watched The Games lately – that one of the 94 metres 100 metres track – that is really, really, really funny) and I’ve got a to-do list filled with urgent and important things…but I really want to make up my jumper tonight. It’s all ready to go, and then I might get a few wears in before next winter.

As they say on facebook: ThirdCat is undecided about how she will use these last precious hours of the day.

PS Not yesterday but the day before a really cool thing happened to me. Can’t tell you what of course, because that would jinx it. But it is bloggingly cool.

PPS If no one comes up with a better name, the dog will have to be called Chips since that’s what one of the children has thought up. It’s an okay name, but you know, when your life is filled with a station wagon, a pedigree dog and bordered by iceberg roses, you’d like a name a tiny bit racier than Chips. The mister likes Brezhnev (he still hasn’t recovered from that walk we did through Lenin’s Tomb, which shows you just how old we are).

PPPS I shouldn’t’ve got my hair cut yesterday. I told her if you cut it too short on top, it will spike and I’ll look like Kim Wilde, but she had no real idea of the seriousness of looking like Kim Wilde. It’s a good haircut, but [insert predictable diatribe about getting too pudgey]…plus, it’s my brother’s wedding on the weekend and there will be photos, and, of course, other people’s wedding photos are all about ME.

Well, that took care of a bit more of that precious time, didn’t it? If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to clear the sink.

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  1. Aw, Chips. It’s not so bad. My dogs are Snuffy and Doug (the latter is named after The Husband’s grandfather).

    Can’t wait to hear about the cool thing.

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