Cover it in hundreds and thousands

‘It’s not so much that you’ve got a finger in too many pies,’ the mister said, ‘it’s just that none of them is made of chocolate.’

0 thoughts on “Cover it in hundreds and thousands”

  1. Hello, I love your blog.

    But not as much as I love Haighs.

    Oh god, how I miss Haighs!

    Ahem. Sorry. Carry on.

  2. That’s my kind of comment. Who is this imposter?

    I miss Haighs. I’m less than 100 days from smearing it across my bare chest (again).


  3. I walked into the Adelaide Arcade one the other day and they had leftover eggs, fish, frogs and chickens at 20% off. Also, Rocky Road is back in season. (Choice of milk or dark.)

  4. Pavlov’s cat – why do you torment me? 😉

    I just moved from old Addlebrain a few months ago, and the withdrawl symptoms are killing me.
    Just an hour ago I stood staring at the chocolate aisle and bitched to my partner that all other chocolate is rubbish, and it’s not worth buying any if I can’t get the real thing.

    Sorry for hijacking your comments third cat – but reading the word chocolate, especially on an Adelaide blog, just took me right back there…

  5. Nice to make your acquaintance hasarder. Please feel free to drop by anytime for Haighs drooling.

    PC – the mister works not a million miles from there. I said ‘Pavlov’s Cat says there 20% of Haighs’ and his eyes lit up.

    andy k – I don’t know what to say.

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