correspondence from an MP

Adelaide was not ungrateful for the personalised, but not personal, correspondence she had received from her local MP. Even without the pamphlet with that random assortment of testimonials from people who had never been to a sub-branch meeting before, Adelaide knew that the said MP was a hard-working local member who – given the chance – could make good things happen.

But Adelaide was still mightily pissed off about this and its broader implications. And she remembered that no one had got back to her and replied to the lucid, articulate emails she had composed on the matter.

Adelaide sighed, pursed her lips and scratched her head.

It was just like her mother had taught her. It is quite a responsibilty, having a vote.

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  1. Just read this post and the link … and if I didn’t know better, you know, I’d swear you were my friend Deej. Except that she has to be dragged kicking and screaming to any form of techonlogy, and is the same age as me — ie considerably older than you, if your husband’s Nan is still alive …

    But don’t vote for the libs, ThirdCat. Please don’t. Did you not see Media Mike at Writers’ Week? That’s what he’s like when he’s real. Though of course that might just make you even more pissed off with him … and who could blame you …

  2. No, well, I’d have to live with the knowledge of it. But goodness me, as a premier he’s a disappointment.

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