School Governing Council minutes: done.

Washing status: incomplete but in control.

And my bedside book pile, has recently been augmented by a nice big stack of mags courtesy of the recent house guests. I can, therefore, report on the:

Acquisition of new knowledge:
‘If you put on weight all over, like Kelly Osbourne does, you could be a classic C-type. “These types are either very short or very tall,” Dr Walker says. “They don’t tend to be of average height, and they tend to have round heads and young faces. When they put on weight, they tend to put it on everywhere.”

Major craving: Dairy products. “A C-type is much better off on a higher-protein, high-fat, low-carb and lower-dairy diet,” he says.’

Best workout: Cardiovascular/aerobics with muscle conditioning.
Source: Woman’s Day: June 26, 2006, p. 73
(it’s the one with Katie’s wedding diet battle, pregnant Nicole’s wedding drama, Shannon’s new baby joy Heather Mills’ skinny crisis
plus her new divorce scandal, and the exclusive Kerry Whelan’s hubby begs ‘tell me where my wife is’ on the front cover)

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