These are three of my not unrelated opinions:

China’s human rights record is appalling.

Sport is not free of politics.

Words matter.

International PEN is holding a Poem Relay for free expression in China (this last is not an opinion, it’s an event, but you’ve worked that out, haven’t you).

0 thoughts on “China”

  1. apropos of nothing…well maybe related to words matter. is it the swings or the roundabouts that are bad? cos i like both

  2. I suspect the roundabouts, because they seem to be fast disappearing from our playgrounds whereas the swings are multiplying.

    You should start a blog.

  3. i blame playground nazis masquerading as health and safety inspectors also known as the no fun police.

    start a blog? god forbid, i spend far too much time online as it is without actually having a legitimate excuse to be there..

  4. At the risk of hijacking this blog which started on a very serious note, i would add this on the topic of swings and roundabouts..

    on a swing you get high which is a good thing (a natural high..not chemical..just needed to add that in case the temperance police were around), roundabouts slow you down (eventually anyway), or just make you sick and dizzy depending on how many times you go around and what you had for lunch!!

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