Sunday night

I had a busy weekend cleaning and tidying things in preparation for December visitors. I whipped all the weeds and I swept all the cobwebs. And instead of being grumpy when the vacuum cleaner bumped into things, I tried to focus on how good it would feel to sit and work in a lovely, shiny, glistening space. It kind of worked, but still housework makes me way more grumpy than it seems to make other people.

Tonight, just now before I sat down on the couch to write this, I looked in the box of Favourites. The Favouries aren’t mine, but they were given to another person in the house as a gift and he has kindly said that I’m allowed to have some. In order of choosing, I chose Crunchie, Cherry Ripe and Milk Chocolate. That is also the order in which I ate them. Which seems strange, because I would have thought I chose the Crunchie first because that was the one I wanted the most, but then why did I eat it first instead of saving it to last? While I was eating the Crunchie I did indeed think I’d made a mistake by eating it first, but as I was eating the milk chocolate, I knew that I’d made the right decision to eat it last.

I feel like if I could unravel the cognitive flow underlying each of the decisions in that small sequence of events that I would have enormous insight into myself and possibly learn the secret to making only the very best of decisions for myself.