Expected high of forty

I went for a quick early run. By ‘quick’ I mean that I went for a short time not that my running style was fast. Half past seven and it was already hot. I hadn’t had a coffee because I wanted to get out before it got too hot. So I was struggling right from the beginning, and went only to the surf club and back. I’ll get t the gym later today to make it a full day’s workout.

Already the beach was packed with adults, children and dogs, the tables at the surf club coffee shop were full. And already it was warmer than is optimal for me. I’ve been thinking lately that I miss living closer to the city, getting on the tram and being there in more or less no time at all. But when I got out of the car yesterday and could smell the sea in the air, and this morning as I joined the throngs at the beach, I remembered what it is I love about living here. Every single day I breathe in the sea.

The boys are on the verge of finishing exams. I will miss the focused energy that they have brought to the house. They are so much more committed to their learning than I ever was. Not that their focus has really rubbed off on me of course. I continue to faff about, and last night realised that it’s been two weeks since I did my reading and I’ve done little to no new writing since then.

Yesterday I did manage to finish another page of my new website, but of course that’s a displacement activity from new writing. However, there were two other wins. I put all my clothes away, and I did not take my ipad to bed so I went to sleep without watching endless episodes of Sister Wives. Oh, there was a third win: switched the quilt cover to the lighter one, so went to bed in the deliciousness and lightness of new season bedding.

Nine o’clock which is the time I told myself I’d get started on new writing, so I’d best be off.