boxing rules

She heard on the radio, that after the fight between Anthony Mundine and some dude called Green, a bunch of stoushes broke out in pubs where the fights had been showing on the televisions.
And isn’t that the kind of world you want to be bringing two little boys up in? she thought to herself.

It was an imperfect sentence and technically flawed, but she knew what she meant.

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  1. I have been noticing the word stoush cropping up quite often in ABC news bulletins lately. It could be just that I never noticed it before.

    A taxi drover I rode with today told me about his exciting experience in one of those pubs where fighting broke out, or as he said, ‘blokes just started smacking each other.’

  2. Mundine, of course! So exciting! (sorry — can I blame my enthusiasm on working with Aboriginal students?)

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