Bit of a shambles…

that million penguins experiment. And I’m probably one of its more generous observers.

But in other news, I screwed my courage to the sticking post, registered for raw comedy and last night won my heat. I then enjoyed a most excellent glass of wine as well as the opportunity to gaze upon this man again (and yes, the curl of his lashes more than compensates for the odd twist to his smile) then sensibly came home to enjoy a cup of tea and late night conversation with my babysitting dad rather than staying out and starting on the mango daquiris.

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed if you’re able to be funny on tap in public. One of America’s quasi-celeb bloggers, Jason Mulgrew, started out as a stand-up comedian but found it too daunting and switched to blogging.

  2. Did I make it onto the podcast? If I knew how to check and/or had the bandwidth left for this month’s broadband cycle, I’d let you know. If you do listen to it, you’ll be able to recognise me. I’m the slightly older person talking about a messy house.

  3. Onya, ThirdCat!

    I did Raw Comedy years ago when I started standup, but unfortunately was doing an eyes-closed impression when the warning light went, thus failed to realised that I needed to end the routine one joke earlier than planned, therefore was disqualified for going over time. It was a mild consolation that the audience were very upset for me, as I’d made ’em laff.

    Best of luck for the next round! (and email me if you want any inside info)

  4. Wowee! I can’t imagine anything more terrifying than trying to be funny on cue. Actually, I’m not sure I’ve even mastered the spontaneously funny thing, though there was this one time I said something… well anyway, well done Thirdcat!

  5. *stands and applauds*

    I don’t think they’ve podcast you (yet). They only have the Vic heat and then all the other podcasts are from last year’s RAW. I’m going to keep checking, though!

  6. Oh, that’s good. I was imagining a wild affair and thought you were bravely resisting rekindling it. And yes, I was surprised about the imaginary wild affair. (Oh dear, see what no sleep and much adrenalin does to a person?!)

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