0 thoughts on “Big Questions continued”

  1. Red wine. Always.

    The question I’m struggling with at the moment is: first Girl Guide biscuit of the day now or at 11.00 am?

  2. Coffee, smarties, red wine — none of these would be an issue for me. I was spoiled for tea forever by the disgusting muck served up on the trolley during my year in the Commonwealth PS. M&Ms are impostors. And the sun is way over the yard-arm by 5 pm.

    My daily choice is more like Hmm, breakfast. Shall I have a small bowl of the incredibly-good-for-me cereal full of fibre and vitamins and such that looks like sawdust and tastes like sawdust, or two pieces of delicious, yummy, hot, crunchy toast with real butter and golden syrup?


  3. How many cups does ‘a final’ equate to? I’m siding with red until further information becomes available.

  4. Hello everybody – nice of you to visit while I completely neglect my blog.

    PC – a few times a year, I buy muesli that will be good for me, and I feel all virtuous. And then six months later, it gets infested with pantry moths and I have to chuck the lot out. You should try yunan tea, made with loose leaves in a pot.

    TGA – because it is outrageously freezing here at the moment, I am sloshing around with endless cups of tea.

    CB – I used to have a six o’clock limit, but it has got earlier and earlier and earlier. There was this one day where it was three.

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