Between the bus stop and our house

So we’re past the daisies, and not quite to the peppertree, and the conversation turns, as it very often does, to Pokemon, and I say

hey! I just found out there’s a Pokemon trainer called ThirdCat

and they say, not quite in unison

it’s spelt differently

and then little-boy-who-sometimes-comes-home-with-us says

my neighbour’s called ThirdCat…the one who lives upstairs

so of course I say

really? is she as cool as me?

and he stops

and his eyes are as clear as his skin

and he bites at his bottom lip

and he pulls at the strap of his bag

before he gives himself a tiny nod and says

she’s got a carpet python.

And then he looks down

and we take two steps

and he says:

she lets me hold it sometimes.

I scratch the back of my neck and notice that my fingernail catches in my hair and I say

who wants an ice block when we get home?

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