Back to the wall


Chrissy Amphlett on Andrew Denton tonight.

Chrissy Amphlett beats Grey’s Anatomy, but someone needs to bring this house into the technological age, because apparently there’s this way you can watch two shows even if they’re on at the same time.

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  1. I used to be able to do that with the video working through the TV but the poor thing is so fragile now I don’t dare turn the channel selector. Now it’s throw the dice time when I have to choose between two great viewings.

  2. Should I even mention the dilemma that arises when there a three programmes on at once that you’d quite like to watch. I hear they’ve figured out that too… I’d like that technology because in the case of the two programmes at once it would open up the possibility of setting up recording and then just going to bed to recover from all that television watching ; )

  3. I’m still using VCR to record telly programs, Luddite that I am.

    Question: If you were caught in a post-apocalytic nightmare in which you, Ben Elton and Andrew Denton were the only representatives of humanity left, which one would you shag to ensure the survival of the human race?

  4. Three programmes! What television nirvana do you inhabit galaxy? Elsewhere, pre-Luddite that I am, I can’t work the VCR. Actually, I switched to Grey’s Anatomy after Chrissy Amphlett. I think I would let them fight for me in an old-fashioned duel at dawn. That is how I have solved all my (other) romantic tangles. Because really, either way, I would just have to close my eyes and think of the queen.

  5. Nup, Enough Rope will win out any time over Grey’s Anatomy. But if it clashed with Desperate Housewives – that’s another matter!

  6. Nice to meet you, Jen.

    I know it’s kind of band-wagonish to say this, but I really haven’t enjoyed Desperate Housewives this year as much as I did last year. Susan really gives me the pip, and there hasn’t been enough Lynette. But I like what they’ve been doing with Bree.

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