Another question, but no answer

Question: How many lovers does it take to ruin an unexected opportunity to watch Survivor (the greatest reality show ever made)?

Answer: Just the one. But he has to be running around putting children to bed, clanging the dishes a bit too loud, then walking past with another load of washing ready to be hung out.

‘Guilt is such an unproductive emotion,’ Adelaide said when they were seated quite close together on the lounge later on. She was happy, but she was still frighteningly close to a snarl. ‘I wonder whether that’s what it feels like to be a more…traditional man?’ Adelaide said. ‘Maybe it’s not that great just sitting on the lounge at the end of they day letting people wait on you.’ She sniffed, then took another bite of the chocolate rabbit the mister’s PA had sent home for the kids. ‘Or maybe it’s something you can push through.’

‘I’ll ask around for you,’ Adelaide’s mister said. ‘I’ll try and find out.’

They gave each other a tender look before Adelaide took the remote and turned the television up. She wasn’t going to miss that little tinkly piece of music they played when they extinguished the flame for anything.

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  1. If you want to win the guilt wars (remember to ask yourself why you have such wars though), use the VCR. (And get your parents to donate you a second, aged TV).

  2. If I ask myself why we have guilt wars do I have to answer it honestly?

    Would it be wrong to tape Survivor?

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