And tomorrow, back to work

We have no idea what the people upstairs are doing. We can only surmise that they have a lot of things to hang. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

Today, we went to Marina Mall for the 2.30 3d showing of How to Train Your Dragon. We met some friends, the lads had cheese popcorn the bag of which they gave back to the mister at the end of the film more or less uneaten. Cheese popcorn is not ace, but our friends are. It’s one of those combinations that just work, for adults and children alike, with all of the children giggling and getting along, and the adults building a friendship you know will last through the years. We sat together afterwards, coffee, banana splits and magical mango drinks at Lips Cafe.

Me and the mister got lost on the way out of course, because I let myself be led by the mister when it is I who have the sense of which course we should take. Still, if we hadn’t got lost we never would have seen the grand glass piano which was playing itself.

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