And that’s fifteen minutes of my life I’ll never get back

This morning, I have been threading a shoelace through a shoe.

It all began when the dog chewed a significant length of the shoelace. The shoelace was too long anyway. But still.

The shoelaces are not old, but in the shoes of a boy who has fallen in love with soccer, they have fallen into a state of disrepair which, in combination with the efforts of the dog, left them difficult to lace.

I had to use a darning needle, a fork, and a well-time lashing of the mister’s patient follow-through.

But the shoelaces are now much easier to tie, and also do not need a triple knot to keep them almost not long enough to trip over a soccer-playing boy.

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  1. i’ve been told that shoelaces with frayed/ chewed ends become easier to insert into the shoe if you dip the ends in clear nail polish and let them dry… but not being a nail polish sort of girl, i’ve never been able to test that!

  2. My dog has long since outgrown the chewing phase (so, you see, it will end) – but we had a spray (from the pet store)that tasted like very bitter apple but had no obvious scent. We sprayed it on things we left on the floor and it worked pretty well. She does still love dirty tissues fresh from the wastebasket.

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