And only one of them laughed

Tonight at tea, I told my children that I was in the final of the ‘Most Fantastic Mother in Adelaide’ competition and if I won I would get two million dollars.

They said, not quite but almost in unison, ‘Can we have one thousand dollars to buy a Wii?’ And I said, ‘Sure.’ And then they said, pretty much in unison this time, ‘And can we have one thousand dollars to buy an x-box?’ And I said, ‘Sure.’

And then I said that to win the competition, I just had to get each of my children to say ‘my Mum is fantastic’ ten times.

So they said, ten times each, ‘My Mum is fantastic’.

And then they yelled, at the tops of their voices, just to be sure, ‘And she rocks’.

0 thoughts on “And only one of them laughed”

  1. Was it like on Big Love where the Mom is going to be Mother of the Year or something and then the Governor’s office find out she’s a polygamist at the last minute and give the prize to someone else?

  2. Fantastic, rocking and a bit susceptible to being quoted extortionist prices for video game systems …

    And … I know this might sound weird, but I’ve always admired your header picture. It’s simple, beautiful and just familiar enough. Did you take the photo?

    The reason I bring it up is: has that car always been there? I’ve only just noticed it today.

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