And another thing

So totally mad with myself now for that whole defense of myself as blogger…if I could, I would delete it, and of course, technically, I could delete it, but then I look like an even bigger goose than I already feel so, anyway and moving on…

I have a lovely new computer, but it is living just inside the loungeroom door which is just inside the front door which means that every time the front door is opened – which is a great many number of times in this family – the light glares onto the computer and I can’t see a thing, and I know I’m not Robinson Crusoe in asking this question, but how hard is it to shut the fucking door?

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  1. The historian in me loves it when bloggers document what blogging means to them, what it has done in their lives, how they’ve made friends/changed their writing/changed their career/acquired a bunch of new handmade teatowels. Blogging wont last forever, other styles and formats will take over eventually, it’s important that bloggers document our own thoughts about it.

    There have been times when I wondered if I should spend less time blogging so I’d have more time for making stuff, and I could probably do better on getting the balance right, but blogging has also contributed enormously to the creative processes. Blogging and bloggers made me think about how I get creative work done while I’m mothering and helped me let go of the idea that I need time off from mothering to get anything done.

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