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On a scale of 1 to 10, how wrong is it to take the odd egg from the literal buckets of small but high quality eggs – including ahem lindt! numbering perhaps sixty in each bucket, there being two buckets one for each child – the neighbours gave your children after you returned from your Easter break.

1 means not at all evil.

10 means pretty evil, but obviously not approaching the level of leaving your children unattended in the car while you go into the casino to play blackjack.

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  1. You are being a Good Mother by reducing their chocolate consumption so selflessly.

    (And you can’t store them and thus eke them out. Mice adore Lindt chocolate. ADORE it).

  2. We all know it’s a -10.

    As a good mother one should protect one’s children from tooth decay, obesity and chocolate come-downs.

    Besides – can they count?

    You only have a limited opportunity here girlfriend.

    It is your duty.

    CB – whose children (in this case, sadly) can count.

  3. You are right, PC. The answer was obvious. I wasn’t even really feeling guilty. In fact, I’m enjoying it. There’s really a lot of eggs in there.

  4. Sixty in each bucket!
    I’ve eaten a large chocolate rabbit which I gave to my son myself – he seemed to forget about it and hasn’t noticed it’s gone. I will no doubt finish off the rest of the easter eggs in the fridge. I don’t know whether to think it’s a good thing he forgets about them or if it’s a sign of a poor concentration span.

  5. About 0

    Once one of the kids brung home for the weekend 10 small chickens, fluffy, that the school class was “caring for”.

    At some stage, about Saturday night, the box was placed in front of fire and much handling of cute fluffy chicks was involved.

    At some stage much loved small puppy and a cute pussy cat noticed fluffy action and two, yes 2, chicks were snaffled via moufs and toofs of cute household animals. One each.

    Chicks never breathed agin.

    Anyhow. Monday. Box returned to teacher and classroom. Teacher informed of massacre discreetly. Wink. Nod. Leave it with me.

    End of day. Teacher informed us that not one kid out of 20 had noticed number of chicks or any missing.

    I wisely made no comments about the teaching of numeracy at subsequent school board meetings.

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