Getting it done. Early or late?

I’m not sure of the best time to write if I want to get a blog post written every day. Doing it in the morning feels like it’s not a good use of the good writing energy that a morning brings (I should be doing the real writing), but if I wait until the evening then I’m all out of writing energy and wanting to do something like my knitting or embroidery.

So it’s the morning. I’ve done a quick bit of morning pages, focused on the script of Stitches, because I’ve got the staged readings on Thursday night and it would be good to have something that makes a bit more sense than what I currently have. And now I’m at my desk, with half an hour to go before my day gets swamped by a bunch of work things that need doing.

Adrian booked us a bunch of things for the Adelaide Film Festival over the weekend. It felt invigorating getting to the Capri early on a Thursday and Friday evening, be in a crowd of people all enjoying what they’re watching, then skip over to Good Gilbert for a glass of wine and a bit of food. I don’t know whether it felt good because there’s still a bit of post-covid release; or whether it’s my renewed commitment to creative and enriching life; or maybe the sense of moving into a new stage of life with certain freedoms now that children are living their own autonomous and independent lives. Maybe it’s some combination of them all. Or maybe it was just a lovely weekend. We saw Poor Things on Thursday night, and Emma Stone was extraordinary. Friday was The Persian Version which was less cinematic than Poor Things, and perhaps not as joyous as promised in the blurbs, but nonetheless excellent (I should be a movie reviewer with such insightful commentary).

Had a performance of An Evening with the Vegetarian Librarian down at the Victor Harbor library on Saturday afternoon, and it was excellent fun. I do love that script. Most of it is very silly indeed, but of all my scripts it’s the most fun to perform. And it’s weird that even though I wrote it, the more I perform it the more that I find things in there I never knew were there, and the more I think, ‘okay, that’s an amazing line’ (if I do say so myself).

Then went to see the 80s synth and strings show by Follow That Car. Enormous, joyous fun, wearing my sparkly boots and a little bit of dancing. Would go again, ten out of ten for a night of pure escapism. Adrian was sitting next to the father of the lead singer who said, ‘I don’t know why he’s the one with a band, his sister’s the best singer in the family, and I’m the second best.’ But he said it with the kind of quiet pride that makes you hope your own kids know how quietly proud you are of them.

Sunday we went to Speedway which was over at the Piccadilly. It was around 3pm when we came out and there weren’t too many post-film food options, so we ended up at the bakery. That’s only our second visit and I was doing a terrible job of making a decision and ended up with a pasty and a sausage roll intending to take the sausage roll home, but ate most of it there. It made me think that I might need to include some more about (in)decisiveness in my show.

Home then and knitting on the couch until it was time to go and collect children from a music festival in McLaren Vale. Then went to bed knowing that when I woke up it would be Monday.

Back to work now.

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