Drenched in December

I would love to be writing more, as I have much to say, but I am drenched in December, so here is a dot point update (more for my benefit than yours):

  • school concerts are teh bombe. If you see me slumped in a slough of depression next year, do remind me of Littlest Boy’s concentration as he steps it out to ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’; or the look of untainted happiness on Eldest Boy’s face as he jumped up and down, up and down, arms in the air shouting ‘We will, we will, Rock You’ and how safe it feels to be sitting next to your Dad while you watch your boys and you remember that when you were seven you had nothing to fear;
  • I know I’m a mother, because yesterday, Eldest Boy said at eight o’clock in the morning, ‘I’ve got four special things…’ three of which involved me developing and maintaining a tight schedule, and allowing for plentiful food breaks and involving me falling on the lounge at six o’clock with a beer in hand. And then he ended the list with ‘and the piano concert at six o’clock’ and here’s my response: ‘what concert?’;
  • at the piano concert, my children were, without doubt, the most ill-mannered, poorly-behaved children there and I have never been so embarrassed in my life and if I ever meant it when I said ‘one more word and I will throw all your Christmas presents in the bin’ it was last night at half past eight, and honestly what kind of mother says that kind of shit, and obviously I blame my own parents because where else did I learn to be a parent;
  • one of the fires on Kangaroo Island has been burning extremely close to my place, and our neighbours were told to implement their fire plans on Saturday…it has been very strange watching from so far away and feeling so frightened for a place I love so much and feeling deeply for the community, but knowing that it is because of moments like these that we really are not part of that community and the contribution we make to the community is, at best, minimal;
  • I got a grant from Arts SA to work on my ambitious project – second novel and ‘companion weblog’;
  • I was invited to Melbourne last week to perform in a pretty amazing gig, and it was the hottest I have ever been, but I went okay and I let myself be proud of myself for going;
  • there’s nothing like December for bringing your own family tensions and issues to the fore, – obvs that’s all I’ll say because this is the internet and there is no such thing as ‘personal’…(but don’t worry, it’s not about the mister, he has shaved off that stupid bloody moustache, and balance is restored to our relationship).

That’s all for now, I’m off to Littlest Boy’s graduation – it is his last week at Preschool. He is (literally) upside down with excitement. I am sad in the depths of my soul. But see bullet point one.

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  1. You couldn’t have warned me about seven?
    It’s too true – and we are slogging through it.
    (but don’t worry, it’s not about the mister – who, THANK GOD, has no facial hair).

  2. Congrats on the grant! (Oh, and the gig.) Aren’t you brilliant? All that and child-rearing, too. Not even just one of ’em, either.

    Yeah, I love school concerts, too. Yours sound cool. ‘We Will Rock You.’ ‘Who Let The Dogs Out.’ It’s a sign of school concert season that I can just about imagine the routines …

  3. Hi everyone – thanks for the congratulations re grant. It’s great news, especially with Littlest Boy off to school to next year and me trying to find my post-preschoolers feet.

    &D, do you know I’m thinking ‘I’ll never get that opportunity back’ just about every day at the moment. I think it’s because they still love being around me, but I know it won’t be for ever…

    The thing is, I’m really not good company, suse. Plus it was two work days I was there. I will come one day for a holiday again and then…

  4. Congratulations, grant,thats great!

    I received news of the presentation night at school at 4pm. It started at 7pm.

    Where did THAT note disintegrate, I ask you? I was getting ready to go to the MCA.

    My little boy wavers between mummy’s boy/daddy’s boy….at least I can always lure him into my grasp with Philip Pulman books.

    I am wishing to go to melbourne in January for an art history conference…mmm…school holidays…need much plotting.

  5. Congratulations on the grant. How very cool. I realise that this makes me very vague but have you given us details of “first novel”? If so, can I get them again?

  6. I just now read this, although it’s been up in the ether for some time. congratulations to you! And threatening–well, everyone learns that parenting ploy.

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