I’ve just been to a reunion I suppose you would call it. With people I haven’t seen for nearly twenty years.

What do people mean when they say you haven’t changed a bit?

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  1. It means they’ve recognised you without having to first glance at your name tag, so something about you has obviously stuck in their memory, voice hair colour or style, stance, laugh. It’s nice to be remembered.

  2. I think, like what river said. But I’d be worried that it meant something like, ‘you’re still as daggy / immature as ever’ or (more positively) you haven’t aged much.

  3. Yikes! I have a reunion coming up later this year. I’m only a little bit worried by your post. Actually, the people who matter to me, I have kept in touch with. Including the dead one. You know, we’re the same age 3C…

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