Dear interwebs

If you were me, what would you do?

Yours in anticipation of wise and revelatory counsel


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  1. Since your category is “being” , is it too trivial to advise just to “be” for a while?

    From bitter experience – if I overthink things I ALWAYS come up with the wrong answer.

    Of course you may just be asking a question of the rhetorical kind, in which case ignore the foregoing!

  2. Add Olive green, and a little turquoise. It is a surprisingly uplifting combination in conjunction with venetian Red.

    Works for me.

  3. i would take a sick day. or two or three. totally solves the problem of no time in the house to yourself. i’m on sick day no. 3 as we speak and things are beginning to look a lot rosier… also my exam questions are finally getting written.

    1. Do you think I’ve got waiting skills?

      (I’m not being smart, I really have been thinking about this a lot lately, about patience and waiting and sitting quietly and so on – I always used to think it was something I wasn’t too bad at, but now I’m not so sure)

  4. I think you should use Zoe’s line as the first line in a new book. I would like to read that book. Now I’m worrying that I’m adding to the pressure. I’m also worrying that I can’t seem to write blog comments that aren’t all about me.

      1. Well it is your blog, so being about you shouldn’t really be an issue. But I feel like when I make a comment about me it’s like I’m saying “No, it’s all about me!” which is incredibly narcissistic. Or something.

  5. Right, that’s it. I’m going to take Third Cat’s lead and blog for a month at Blog on the Landscape but I’ve wordpressed it and then neglected it so I will have to update everything first. I hope it will have me back. Oh look, another comment all about me!

    1. see you there…but don’t worry about updating it first or you’ll never get around to it…I mean see my blogroll over there on side? No? That’s exactly what I mean. You can either blog or you can have an up to date blogroll. You can’t have both.

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