13 February 2008

Because of reasons, I couldn’t get in to Elder Park, but the mister took the boys in to see the sorry broadcast. I was very pleased that when we talked about the apology last night, they already knew about it because their teachers had been talking with them at school.

I listened on the radio in the car with my grandfather in the seat next to me, and I was thinking that in his 91 years, he has been part of some momentous days. And now, so have I.

What a day.


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  1. I sat in my car outside the boys’ school, ate a homemade breakfast bar (Nigella), and listened. Felt like I was living a part of history.

    And now I’ll always remember the sky and the gum trees and the warmth of the car and the sweetnutty taste of muesli bar when I think about where I was when Australia took that first step.

  2. I was held up by The Boy’s morning. Didnt make it to the city so I sat in the rain at the beach with my abc broadcast, it was a wonderful, tearful, amazing day.

  3. L and I watched it on the tv, each with a baby over one shoulder. It’s a glimmer of hope for their future…somewhat marred by the dodge-and-weave of the badly written Opposition speech.

  4. Isn’t it great? I was so pleased when my boy told me that they’d listened to the broadcast at school and then talked about what it meant, and he was able to give me a pretty good summary.

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